Sunday, January 20, 2008

You Sunk My Battleship

Battleship Game, Milton BradleyI had a strange urge to play Battleship this week. You know, that Milton Bradley game you played when you were nine. I don't know why I had to play this game after years and years. And I don't know why I remembered it existed. It was strange.

In the classic Battleship, you arrange your naval war ships in a grid and try to take out your opponent's ships before they take out yours. When your ship is full of red plastic you make a hideous bombing noise and say, "You sunk my battleship."

Wikipedia's history of the game is actually interesting. Excerpt:
In The Dillinger Days, historian John Toland writes that prisoners in solitary confinement in the Indiana State Penitentiary played a version of Battleship during the 1920s, marking squares on their cell floors and calling out attacks from cell to cell. "For years the more obtuse guards wondered what was being plotted when they heard men calling: 'B-7.' 'Miss.' 'C-8.' 'Destroyer sunk!'"
If you have the unexplained desire to play too and can't challege or um, bribe someone into playing a game with you, you can always use the not as fun computer version.


  1. oooooo...i've never played this before which is very odd b/c i love violent things. can we play sometime? it could get intense, especially after a few drinkies!
    i know who you played with though! *wink*

  2. Emily, you really never played battleship? Wow, I thought everyone played that.
    My nephew got the new version for his birthday. It makes the bombing noise for you.

  3. wait... i don't know who she played battleship with... who? who was it jenn bly?

  4. i don't know....i would have to add some bombing noises to it, that would be awesome!
    jenn's so lonely, she had to play by herself! bahahahaha! i guess that was mean of me....don't worry jenn...maybe some day you don't have to play by yourself. i'll play with you.

  5. aw... emily c. is going to play with jenn bly... that sounds so funny...

  6. no way, noises prepackaged. how cool.

    I would say grow up guys, but...I did post about a childhood game, so go on, say what you will.

  7. Jenn you might play battleship by yourself and you might think that it is for children. I have to admit, I put puzzles together and I think that is childish