Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Family of Pascual Duarte

Oh, I forgot to post about the book discussion that I led earlier this month. I picked the Family of Pascual Duarte, one of my most recently acquired favorite books. Last year we read excerpts of it in my Spanish Lit course in Spain with my favorite professor Antonio. And if Antonio liked it, I knew I was sure to like it.

The family of Pascual Duarte The book (by Camilo José Cela) is about a guy in prison writing his memoirs. Unfortunately he kills a bunch of people and animals. It is a bit shocking and you feel really bad for poor Pascual and almost want to believe that he isn't a bad man like he first tells you. I don't wan't to give too much away, but know this, it is a great read. And I found it even more enriching the third time I read it.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


spamI hate SPAM! -both the strange meat and the junk email.
Somehow my spam filter is broken and I'm getting way too many penis enlargement emails.

In looking for a cool picture for this post I found a fun spam website.
Who eats spam? Bajillions of people around the world!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Flash Drive Gone in a Flash

Arrrrrgh. I left my flash drive in the computer lab on campus and when I went back to get it, it was gone. Someone up and stole my flash drive!!! I am so mad. I was mid-paper that was saved on it too (due tonight). Plus all my poetry was on it and everything I've written or designed in the past year. AND I have no backups! A bad day I should say.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


So I see we need to get Emily a counselor (see earlier post). I don't really want this blog to be one of those kind of blogs...

Saturday I watched the Selena movie about the famous Mexican-American singer who was shot by her fan club president when she was only 23 years old. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Selena's music. My favorites are Amor Prohibido, I Could Fall in Love, Como la Flor, and Dreaming of You. I must say the movie was very sad; only imagine how much more great music she would have made if her life hadn't been so short. Jennifer Lopez played the part of Selena, and I think that is what launched her career.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hello everybody, it's Emily! It's been a lonnnnnnggg time since I've been on here! Such craziness in my life and Jenn's. You know what? This sucks... we are young and vibrant and you know what? We don't deserve to be so stressed in our lives or have to worry constantly from the moment we get up to the moment we lay our heads down in blissful, ignorant, all-consuming peace and (hopefully) restful slumber. It's just so....horrible. Why can't we just be free? Why must we be tied to such rocks that drag us down to undetermined depths of the sea when tied to our ankles? I mean, really? The majority of our peers are out and about, enjoying their young lives while we are stuck in an eternal pit of sorrow and despair because we are too consumed in the worry that wraps around us in a smothering grasp. Even when we do have a chance, that brief all-to-sweet instant, to go out and relax and enjoy our time, no sooner do we cross the threshold of our house to the great outside, that we have to begin worrying about future unhappiness (that's from jenn). Please, is there help anywhere?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Singing Children

Something Jenn hates. Part number one.

mouthA certain type of music that is upbeat featuring children singing in unison. Their voices are so high and fakely perfect that is utterly annoying. It makes my ears hurt --almost literally. Do you know what I am talking about? I absolutely despise that choiry, 9 year olds singing together, digitally revised, and eternally optimistic, painful music.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Be Mine

Happy Valentine's Day.
Not as fun when you're single.

chocolate covered strawberry I miss those Batman and Barbie Valentines from elementary school. I used to like to get those little boxes of Nerds attached to the card, but hated to get those tart hearts with stupid messages on them. They still taste disgusting even 10 years later. And I remember always picking out the least 'lovey' cards for the yucky boys, since my mom made me write one out for everyone in the whole class. Awwwww.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

M&M manipulation

He he he, I giggle in glee
You can make your own videos and pictures starring M&M characters. It is just too cool, like a virtual Mr. Potato Head with M&Ms. He he he, I am having way too much fun here.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Best Super Bowl Commercials

The greatest display of American advertising (and football) did not disappoint. I had two favorite Super Bowl Commercials this year.

1. The Chevy car wash commercial.

Chevy Super Bowl CommercialSynopsis: girls in car, man approaches car, begins to wash car, they give him money, bam, guys start stripping and dancing beside car, Nelly's "It's Getting Hot in Here" plays, female screaming, flocks of men start pouring in to wash the car, most dirty old men, girl covers eyes pleading, "Tell me when it's over", naked cowboy shows up, Quote: "Guys can't keep their hand off it"

2. The Bud Light Classroom commercial

Synopsis: a bunch of foreigners in a classroom, teacher teaches class to say "give me a Bud Light" in 3 typical American accents, from the south, New York, and East LA, teacher ask class, "what do you say when someone ask you for a Bud Light?," class responds in unison while waving hands, "No Speak English!."

Watch them here.

Runner ups:
1. Blockbuster's real mouse for a computer mouse (cute)
2. Nationwide's K-Fed rapper turned fast food employee
3. Budweiser's dalmation, be what you want to be message (nice connection with last year's)
4. Doritos' your personality is a type of chip
5. Fed-Ex: Ground's significance of a name, Hairy, Ilene, Joy, Bob, Mr. Turkeyneck.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Note to Self: sweep clothing for size stickers before wearing

Ok, so I went to a cute little coffee shop this morning and put on a new jacket that I had just bought at Old Navy. Before I put it on, of course, I cut off the tags. Old Navy Logo Then, when I got home I realized that I had spent the day displaying the giant sticker with the size on it right on the front of my jacket. I was mortified, and no one said, "hey. you got a size sticker stuck on your shirt" (where it was impossible to miss might I add). Somehow I used to have nightmares about stuff like this. Why do stores put those stupid stickers on clothes? They aren't helping anyone.

I'd like to think I would tell a friend if they had something embarrasing on, something like say a large pen mark on their face, but that is another story itself. Why do mortifying things like to happen to me? And why don't people have the decency to tell me that I look like a moron? I could probably walk around with price tags on, skirt tucked into underwear, lipstick on teeth, toilet paper stuck to shoe, and green paint smeared on my face for 3 days till anyone would care to let me know. Thanks a lot, people.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Pot Head

grass head
A new post! I know, surprising, especially for as of late.

For Christmas one side of the family did a goofy gift exchange thing and I got this little grass grower thing that is a guy's head-- sorta like a Chia pet. I actually like it, although I probably would have mocked it earlier. His crazy grass hair is so cute!

And this makes pot head an ever more interesting (and accurate) term.