Saturday, April 30, 2005


I have allergies that are killing me. I have used up an entire extra large size box of tissues. My nose is a freakin faucet and it has been rubbed raw. This is miserable. I just want to go a minute without having to stick a tissue up my nose.

On Wednesday I think it was, I was getting out of my car in the morning, and I reached over to get my bookbag from the passanger seat but then my elbow hit the horn. It honked abrubtly and everyone around looked over, but here I was just sitting in my car sheepishly. I felt so dumb, but I couldn't help but laugh. Does anyone even use their horn in small towns like Shippensburg? I think that is the fist time I've ever beeped it before. No wait, I have used it before to honk at random people and pretend like you know them and see if they also pretend they know you as well. Oh the joy.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Nunca más clases!

Yep that's right, I just finished my last class in my freshman year of college. Ahhh, how wonderful. With finals looming over next week though, I can not celebrate yet. This year seemed to speed by sooooo fast.

Random question? Who likes cheese on salads. It's like mixing dairy with green vegetables-- ewwwww, gross.

And whole milk? Might as well just drink a cup of lard.

And pot pie? Ahhhh, slippery, slimey, doughy, disgustingness.

And just for fun, here's your Hulk got milk? ad.
-This, my friend, is why you go with the skim milk...


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Drum roll please...

The semester is so close to being over, I can almost taste it. Yay. Just gotta make it through 3 more days of classes, 2 more papers, and 4 finals! Luckily I don't have a final in two of my classes. That is such a relief. The ones I do have though, are going to require studying which I dred. But just think, soon it will be summer!!!

Monday, April 25, 2005


Curse high speed internet. My moment of contentment with it is gone. Gone forever I say. Now my AIM doesn't work. What's with that? It makes me soooo mad. I think everyone, at some point in their life, will agree with me, that we HATE COMPUTERS. This world would be a much happier place without their stupid problems that interfer with my ability just to do simple things. Really is that too much to ask? Is having a perfectly functioning computer asking too much of the multimillionaires who put out a new update every week that you have to buy so that your system won't be obselete? Grrrr... I should tear my clothes and sit in a burlap sack for the next week. I only want my IM back. That is all I ask, Arrrrrrgggg.

*Deep breath*

I feel better now.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Help me: Argentina or Spain ?

So I definitely know I want to study abroad, and I've had my heart set on going to Argentina, but then this weekend I starting thinking. I know, wow... thinking. Yeah, so maybe I should go to Spain. I really can't decide. There are good and bad aspects of both places. Both would totally rock, both I would learn to speak Spanish, both I would go with AIFS, both are home stays with a host family, both come with excursions or whatever in the price, and both sound great. In Spain the university is more well-renowned, more expensive, a better language program, and there's more places to visit. In Argentina it's in a big city (+), warmer even in the winter, cheaper cost of living, less common, and the program's a little longer. How on earth can I decide?

Which would you pick if you were me? Please help me... leave a response. I don't have to decide till this summer, but this is disturbing my peace. I need some advice, or at least a variety of opinions to help me out. Thank you. I know you want to tell me where you think I should study abroad. I'm begging you, please cure my indecision.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


High speed internet connection finally!!! Now no more of that getting thrown off the internet, hogging the phone line, and stuff taking forever to download. Thank you to the high-speed companies. *suppressing the tears of happiness* I imagine myself in one of those slow motion commercials-- I have a look of glee on my face, and I slowly push away from my computer and throw my arms into the air, jump out of the chair, and do a victory dance as if I've just made the winning field goal in a championship football game. The camera zooms in on my look of elation and the people in the room, who appear out of nowhere, start clapping and cheering for me, because we are all just so happy. Thank you high speed, we love you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Heart of Darkness

Tonight I had a book study group meeting and only 3 of us showed up. One was the professor and the other was the guy leading the discussion. Anyway, that was a good thing because earlier the prof said if it was only us 3, then he would buy us ice cream. Much to his surprise, he had to buy us the ice cream. Yay. Not only did I get a free choco taco, but also extra credit for reading a short little book, no papers involved. How much does that rock?

So question, are people essentially good or bad? Or is that even the right question? b/c society will socialize you to be one or the other, to the point where it doesn't matter... Oh the arguments, they are endless.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Stop... did you hear about?... Interupting

Played in a v-ball tournament on Sat. but did not win, we got beat by the amish kids. It's not funny, they had practiced together and we hadn't, plus their guys were really tall. You haven't seen volleyball till you've seen girls in long skirts and head-coverings playing as if they were wearing gym clothes.

Sunday had a quiz in Roaring Spring. Sr. High 2nd place, Jr. High 3rd, I'm really proud of my kids.

Today had classes and honors banquet. Even dressed up and all. This morning I worked on a paper for a bunch of hours for a professor to look at, but then she wasn't even in during her office hours that she announced last week. Needless to say I wasn't too happy, and yet I didn't let it bother me so much. No use in getting upset about something that I can't change anyway. As long as I get an A on the paper I will be content.

I realized I need to work on the whole interupting people while they are telling stories. I shall never know the ending to the hot-guy-in-the-bookstore-asking-for-emily's-phone #-story, but I do want to know. I just can't help inserting things into the conversation b/c otherwise I would forget what I was going to say before they are done with the story. Anyway, I'll just keep my big mouth shut from here on out...sure.

OH, and just for clarification, Emily W. is the one with the pole in the former post, not me, I took the picture. --And it isn't dirty, someone out there with a sick mind, I will find out who you are...

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Ugly aye-aye

Is this thing ugly, or is this thing ugly? The BBC news says,
"Bristol zoo becomes the first UK zoo to successfully breed and hand-rear an aye-aye, the largest nocturnal primate in the world and one of the strangest mammals on the planet."
It give me the shudders even to look at it. It is a cross between smeagle in lord of the rings, a bat vampire, and a rat. Yikes, the eyes. They are burning a hole into my soul. Make the creepy thing stop staring at me!

Friday, April 15, 2005

DC day #2

Well, went back to Washington DC again today. This time was just as much fun. We visited the Licoln, Vietnam vet, WWII, and Korean war memorials. Shame on Kristin, she suggested we throw coins into the one fountain and make wishes, but then we walked around and there's a sign that says don't throw coins into the fountains. Whoops. We even took a picture, evidence! We ate egg rolls off of a street vender (ahem a little shady), lebonese food, and gelato ice cream stuff, mmmm, mmmm.
And finally, thanks to my reminders every 5 minutes, we got our picture underneath a cherry blossom tree! Isn't it quite lovely!



So the team our intramural volleyball team was supposed to play tonight never showed up. What's up with that? I drove in there for no freakin reason. I'm mad. They were probably all sitting around in a circle drinking. Why does it seem like that is all SU students do? Geez, they can't even interupt their booz time for game of volleyball. Ahhh, drinking makes me mad. I know I can have a perfectly fun time without alcohol. Why can't other people see that? You don't have to drink to have fun. Get it through your minds people, there are better things to do than getting drunk every night. --On a much more pleasant note, field trip again tommorrow. Yippy skippy! My dad was just complaining to me that when he was in college, they never got to go on field trips... (they had to walk to school 3 miles, barefoot, uphill both ways. lol).

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Mini-break Over

So I got back from Lock Haven. Already missin' Emily, she's so much fun. For the first time in my life I played raquetball, but we didn't really know, so much, how to play, but that made it all the more fun. We just hit it at the wall and then ducked and made the other person run after it. That has to be at least the idea. IMG_0356 We also walked along the Susquehana Tues. afternoon. -That's the pic. I got to finally meet all the friends she talks about. We played frisbee and a little volleyball. We walked a lot of stairs, looking at good stuff on campus. We ate in the dining hall, tortured Tristin on IM, watched Boondock Saints, and talked bunches. Wish I could spend the rest of the school year there, but yeah, I had to come home. Had to go to classes. Had to drive for 3 hours to get back to good 'ole S-burg.

Monday, April 11, 2005


So guess where I am? Guess who's room I am in? That is right, Emily W.'s I was so excited about this weekend and now I am finally here. The drive was long and I took a little detour through Harrisburg, but hey, I'm here now. Emily wasn't kidding when she said Lock Haven University is cut out of the side of the mountain.
they got some stairs to mess with to get to class. yuck. Emily's friends are great, her room is cute, despite the Shrek postcards. Having fun, gotta go.

Sunday, April 10, 2005's been a while since I wrote on here...yeah, that's right, it's Emily again. Today, Jenn, Tami, and I played some volleyball at the university...that was interesting: three people playing volleyball. Most of the time, it was Jenn running back and forth from Tami's side to my side. Yesterday, 3 guys decided to play with us and the cutest and hottest one there was snide and I'm-to-good-to-play-with-you attitude. That is definitely a turn-off. Blahhhhh. One guy there was nick-named Frodo and when he said that, we were kinda like....errrr, is he serious? But he was a nice guy. I think that just goes to show that you can't judge or go by looks or else you could be highly disappointed. Jenn's superpower, as we have found out, was making everything she said sound like, "Bzzzzzz bzz bzzzzzz" because anytime she talked, all we heard was bzz bzzz bzzzzzzzzzzzz. Thus, we just ignored her. It was a beautiful day today. Too bad nobody else wanted to play or else it could have been more interesting. And less bzzzzzing.


Where is my supa (super) suit? --as Frozone said in the Incredibles that we watched last night. My favorite part had to be when the baby, they were modeling the clothes in, shot into flames. It was so sudden, at first it was a cute baby, then bam, on-fire-baby. Just to let everyone know, I officially hate Tami, Harold, and Josh. They somehow convinced me that a jackalope is the only indiginous animal of the US. It lives in the west and is a cross between a deer and bunny. They apparently thought it was pretty funny that I believed them. The thing is, I didn't even think, gee they are all making this up. I shall never trust them again. Today volleyball was fun. A little sandy, but fun nonetheless. What a beautiful day!

Friday, April 8, 2005

Cookie Monster

So I saw on the news tonight that the infamous, beloved, blue cookie monster is being censored. They said teaching kids to eat lots of cookies; especially in his ravenous manner is a bad message. Instead of singing C is for cookie, they will sing, cookies are a sometimes food. This made me sad. Everyone watched Sesame Street as a child, and without the cookie monster and his greedy behavior, it would not be the same. Sad, sad, Americans are just too fat. My favorite characters on the show were always Bert and Ernie. My favorite episode you ask? Well, when Bert has been fishing all day long but then Ernie yells "here fishy fishy fish" and then tons of fish leap into the boat. Ha, ha how funny is that. Ahh, the sesame street days.

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Nothing? or.. something?

AHHH, what a lovely day outside. My one class was outside and I think I got a slight tan on my face. Lovely weather is so exciting. It means summer is almost here. Yay. I don't really have anything to say. My infinite knowledge is stumped by thought of nothing. Nothing is swarming through my brain at this time. Imagine that. Who was it that I had this conversation with, that guys can think about nothing, but girls can't. Does it have something to do with lobes that seperate the halves of our brain? ha ha. The thought of thinking about nothing makes me wonder if thinking about nothing is really thinking about nothing, since you are then indeed thinking about nothing, making it something. Figure that one out.

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Is he taking his pants off?

Ha, ok so the highlight of my day was during my art class when, you know we are showing these clothing projects that we made, and this one guy, says "I thought I'd make something to make myself look bigger." He then proceeds to (apparently) unzip his fly. Everyone in the class was shocked and figured he was going to rip off his pants next. ..but then to all our relief he only was only inflating the balloon like things that were around his arms and chest. The nozzle to this was only right around the bottom of his shirt. I mean the instant of fear was the funniest thing in the whole world. It just reminded me of like a male stipper moment. We all laughed hystarically for the next 10 minutes, for where we thought this was going. I think we may have made him embarrassed, but every girl in the class found it the most funny thing in the whole world. It was one of those, you gotta be there moments. Ha, so funny. Poor guy.

Sunday, April 3, 2005

rain rain go away

Awwww, it was raining when we were supposed to walk for relay for life, so the thing was canceled in light of the torrential downpour. I'm disappointed. So today I wasted the whole day working on my straw dress. Read earlier posts if you have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm definitely putting too many hours into this. I did not expect this to be so difficult. I just want to get it finished. Arggghhh. So we all lose an hour of sleep for daylight savings time which really stinks. An hour seems much shorter when it is your own time, but then very very slow when sitting in class. Why is that? Never mind. We all know why that is. "Time flies when you're having fun" and school ain't fun--so that explains it. Wow I have a lot of negativity today. Maybe it's the fact that I did nothing fun today. Saturdays were not made to be bored, my life is pathetic. Well, ok I do have to get this art project done, so the day wasn't a complete waste... I'm not even going to add any pictures to this post, take it as a reflection of my mood. No, I'm not in a grumpy mood, but more of a bored mood I guess, if that even is mood.

Friday, April 1, 2005


If you have never read or watched the one act play, Trifles you are missing out. By Glaspell, it is quite interesting and short and sweet. I guess it deals a bit with women vs. men issues, murder/crime, and detective work. I found it enthralling so if you get a chance, read it. I just did an online discussion thing about it for my lit studies class so that is what mode I am in now.
Tonight, or rather very early tommorrow morning we are doing the relay for life walk/run-athon. They raise money for the national cancer society by making people walk in circles for hours. Ok, the image is walking in squares, but I'm close right? I think we should have fun. Emily is worried about getting bored, but really, who could ever get bored walking with someone such as my self? Ha ha. Be happy that it is the weekend. Goodbye.