Saturday, April 30, 2005


I have allergies that are killing me. I have used up an entire extra large size box of tissues. My nose is a freakin faucet and it has been rubbed raw. This is miserable. I just want to go a minute without having to stick a tissue up my nose.

On Wednesday I think it was, I was getting out of my car in the morning, and I reached over to get my bookbag from the passanger seat but then my elbow hit the horn. It honked abrubtly and everyone around looked over, but here I was just sitting in my car sheepishly. I felt so dumb, but I couldn't help but laugh. Does anyone even use their horn in small towns like Shippensburg? I think that is the fist time I've ever beeped it before. No wait, I have used it before to honk at random people and pretend like you know them and see if they also pretend they know you as well. Oh the joy.

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