Monday, April 18, 2005

Stop... did you hear about?... Interupting

Played in a v-ball tournament on Sat. but did not win, we got beat by the amish kids. It's not funny, they had practiced together and we hadn't, plus their guys were really tall. You haven't seen volleyball till you've seen girls in long skirts and head-coverings playing as if they were wearing gym clothes.

Sunday had a quiz in Roaring Spring. Sr. High 2nd place, Jr. High 3rd, I'm really proud of my kids.

Today had classes and honors banquet. Even dressed up and all. This morning I worked on a paper for a bunch of hours for a professor to look at, but then she wasn't even in during her office hours that she announced last week. Needless to say I wasn't too happy, and yet I didn't let it bother me so much. No use in getting upset about something that I can't change anyway. As long as I get an A on the paper I will be content.

I realized I need to work on the whole interupting people while they are telling stories. I shall never know the ending to the hot-guy-in-the-bookstore-asking-for-emily's-phone #-story, but I do want to know. I just can't help inserting things into the conversation b/c otherwise I would forget what I was going to say before they are done with the story. Anyway, I'll just keep my big mouth shut from here on out...sure.

OH, and just for clarification, Emily W. is the one with the pole in the former post, not me, I took the picture. --And it isn't dirty, someone out there with a sick mind, I will find out who you are...

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