Friday, December 17, 2004

Media Junkie

Wow, I admit it. I am a tv, movie, computer, plain media junkie. That is what I like to talk about on here. I spend more time on tech stuff than anything else throughout the year. Somehow admitting that makes me feel shallow, as if when someone else says this I'd think get a life. It's alright though. Right? Most Americans are the same way. I'm just the typical shallow American. Good for me. Anyway have you seen Ocean's 12? Check out Brad Pitt in his sleek outfits. I think I accidentally was owwwing and ahhhing in the movie theater. I was like, was that out loud???? Whoops.

Thursday, December 16, 2004


Hah, Have you ever played snood? It is the greatest computer game ever. It is actually addicting. The best part is the beeeeep noise when it first pops up.
The point of the game is to get rid of all the snood alien types by shooting a similar snood at two or more the same. Nevermind, it is impossible to explain, just gotta play yourself.
Emily- it is all your fault that I am addicted. Shame on you!

Download snood!

My last final is tomorrow morning... ahhhhh, the fear is setting in. Must do well, robotic Jenni says. To bad I spent 3 hours tonight watching The Apprentice with the Trumpster...but yes it was worth it. I'll pay for it when I get my grade back, but that won't be for at least another week. That means one more week of happiness until I can feel bad for myself but then I won't cause it'll be Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Shopping Christmas Style

This evening I went shopping with my mom. Oh shopping is a dangerous thing. I want to buy everything. I just sold my books back to the university bookstore from classes that are over so I went with a purse full of cash. Bad Bad. The Christmas music, lights, and worst of all, sales really make me in the mood to be materialistic. Can you see the swirling circles of greed in my eyes? No need to worry, I came back only with one shirt, bought at a bargain I might add. It being Wednesday I also watched wife swap. At first I was like there is no way you could pay me to watch that show. But honestly it's like a little sociologly study. They take two families that are the opposite and switch the moms. Watching how they interact and how real families live is very interesting. I recommend the show if you like reality tv. (I'm sucker, I like just about it all except makeover and bachelor ones. Survivor, the amazing race, and the apprentice are my favorites!)

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Cookie Time

Today was the infamous christmas cookie baking day at my grandma's house. Unfortunately I went to bed around 4 in the morning last night, so i was a little tired today. All I could think about was as soon as I get the frosting in these whoopie pies, maybe I can just rest my eyes. It ended up I snoozed on the couch while my mom and grandma did the chocolate cookies. I think they were secretly angry with me for abandoning them for like an hour and a half. I did bake lots of cookies, though, I still have my pride. I don't know why we aren't like normal families that just bake cookies the day before they have to take them somewhere though. We keep ours in the freezer all year and can whip them out at any time. MMMMM, the smell of cookies is wonderful yet after 6 or 7 hours in the kitchen it starts to make you nauscious. Ahhh, I still have to study for my bio final because I keep on procrastinating and my grade is in jeopardy of falling if I don't do well on it. Blah. My freshman year in college is turning out to be harder than I expected. I thought is was going to be a piece of cake, just like high school. Little did I know you actually have to study and spend mucho time on perfecting assigments. Blah.

I have been persuaded to blog

Yes. This is my first post. Being in college, hearing friends talk about their blogs, surfing the web and seeing all the fun, I don't want to miss out. Is blogging all it is cracked up to be? It more or less will end up like the website I created in junior high and abadoned all in the same year. Nevertheless, I will give this a try. Perhaps even be diligent with posts. Oh, I know I can add my artwork and graphics and stuff. That will be the fun part. Well, off to decorate this up some. Check back later when I've had a chance to work on it awhile.