Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's in the Trash Can

No Babies Trash CanAs I went to throw my paper towel away in the women's restroom in the Huber Arts Center, I was a bit taken aback by a sign on the trash can. It read, NO BABIES. I was shocked; my sensibilities were offended. On another sign I saw someone had scrawled 'distasteful' underneath it, to which someone had responded, 'art'. Hmmmm, I think posted words on trash cans are pushing the definition of art.

...and if I think about it, art is new, art is uncomfortable, and art is unable to be bound by transient boundaries.

...and if I think about it, poking fun at throwing away babies is inappropriate in it's own right.

I haven't really decided whether I think the sign is classified as art and therefore important social commentary, or rather blatant, unsavory, juvenile words. One way or the other, it got me thinking.

Then I decided to take a photo of it in the bathroom, so I could blog about it. Gosh, I'm glad no one saw me do that. That would have been weird.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Subservient Chicken

Oh my holy word!

subservient chickenBurger King wins creepiest mascot award again. First it was The King and now it's the chicken. Actually, I'm not so sure it's the chicken, or if it's what the chicken will do.

"Have it your way" Go to

Burger King ChickenI can't believe I didn't stumble onto this site earlier, when it has been around since 2004. It wins most disturbing on the web. Whatever you type into the box, the chicken will do on camera. I probably spent an hour yesterday torturing the chicken.
A few of my favorite commands:

Play dead
Shake your tail
Sit on the couch
Eat McDonald's (ha ha ha)
Lay an egg
Do a cartwheel
Take off the chicken suit (he didn't like that one)
Kiss me (don't worry he'll only make out with the pillow) but...
Kiss (he'll give you a peck)
Turn off lights
Hide and Seek

I just wonder how much they paid the guy in the suit?
I hope it was enough to salvage some dignity. Right.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Mr. Crabby

Maryland Blue Crab
Ok. I just love this picture from my fall break at Wallops Island. And I could not not post it.

Say hello to the famous Maryland blue crab. He won't pinch. I promise.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Finally! I got everything sorted out with my Fulbright Application before the Oct 19th deadline, and my part is all done. Now it's up to the big whigs. They hold my future precariously in their hands. Let's hope they don't squash it. Ha.

I applied for an English Teaching Assistantship to Argentina for the 08-09 year. We will have to see how it goes. Last year's stats were something like 122 applications for a meager 15 spots. Maybe everyone studied those horrible odds and redirected their applications to Uruguay?? Wishful thinking, eh?

I'm hoping-- really hoping that I'll get it. No Shippensburg student has ever received a Fulbright (at least within the past 15 years), so perhaps that will give me an edge. I'm sort of a minority, right? I think it would be so awesome to teach English in a country I have always dreamed of visiting. Plus, a Fulbright grant is freakin' prestigious! It is sponsored by the US Department of State. I'm confident that I'm extremely qualified for the position. We'll see what the review committee thinks. Oh. Wish me luck!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Oysters in the Chesapeake

oyster census
More about my Fall Break. The one day we rode out from Deal Island in Maryland on a boat with oyster watermen and another boat that was doing an oyster census. We watched as a giant claw thing scraped the bottom of the ocean floor to collect the shellfish. With evey dip, they only collect a few acceptable oysters. They have to be at least 3 inches, not have and spat (basically baby oysters) on them, and of course, be healthy and alive in order to keep them. Tons of the oysters are plagued by diseases, and the men who have been doing this job for generations simply can not survive on this livliehood anymore. The number of watermen and oysters decrease every year.

eating raw oystersAnd then, on a less depressing note, we ate raw oysters. Yeah. Actually, it wasn't so bad. Without chewing, it just tasted like a lump of salt water going down. Tasty.

Good bye little oysters.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Wallops Island

Marine Science ConsortiumMy fall break rocked! Like I said in an earlier post, we took a trip to Wallops Island to participate in a celebration of Rachel Carson and do some marsh clean up. The weather was gorgeous and we had a good time. The first night we went to the Baltimore Aquarium. Saturday, we presented our lovely poster on Rachel Carson at the Fish and Wildlife Service and kayaked from Chincoteague to Assateague. *no wild pony sightings* :(

Marsh Clean-up Sunday we cleaned up the marsh in the morning finding giant nets littered everywhere. We got muddy digging them out (and got attacked by blood thirsty mosquitos). Then in the afternoon we went to the beach. Haha. Playing in the ocean was so much fun. I remember my freshman year spring break when we got hit with a freak snowstorm, and here I was in the ocean during this FALL break in OCTOBER. Awesomeness.

I'll post more later.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Why a Walmart Wedding?

Ok, this is ridiculous. A couple got married between the aisles of a Wal-mart store on Saturday in Ohio. What kind of crazy people want to get married in the very store that they work and shop in? Is this brainwashing? Did Walmart pipe fairy dust through the vents? Why do people treat retail outlets like holy sanctuaries? I have a real problem with this.

They should've gone for Vegas and an imitation Elvis.

The story on Yahoo News.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fall Break

Wallops IslandTomorrow, I am off to Wallops Island, Virginia for 5 days as part of my honors colloquium class in service learning. We are going to count oysters, ride in kayaks, present a poster on Rachel Carson, smell like fish, do some kind of service project, go to the aquarium in Baltimore, MD, visit Chincoteague (and hopefully the ponies) among other stuff. We are going to be working with the Marine Science Consortium. This should be an experience. An environmental one. I'm excited, it should be fun. Not something I'd usually attempt. Whooo, fall break!

Monday, October 1, 2007

English as a Foreign Language

Flesh Drink Good Luck FlightErrrrr. Gross. McDonald's Flesh Drink. I'll pass.

And the travel one. Good Luck! Has the pilot been drinking again?

Enrish has a bunch of messed up English language products and signs. This is why native fluency is such a valuable commodity. Nobody wants a Flesh Drink.