Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's in the Trash Can

No Babies Trash CanAs I went to throw my paper towel away in the women's restroom in the Huber Arts Center, I was a bit taken aback by a sign on the trash can. It read, NO BABIES. I was shocked; my sensibilities were offended. On another sign I saw someone had scrawled 'distasteful' underneath it, to which someone had responded, 'art'. Hmmmm, I think posted words on trash cans are pushing the definition of art.

...and if I think about it, art is new, art is uncomfortable, and art is unable to be bound by transient boundaries.

...and if I think about it, poking fun at throwing away babies is inappropriate in it's own right.

I haven't really decided whether I think the sign is classified as art and therefore important social commentary, or rather blatant, unsavory, juvenile words. One way or the other, it got me thinking.

Then I decided to take a photo of it in the bathroom, so I could blog about it. Gosh, I'm glad no one saw me do that. That would have been weird.


  1. ewwww...ok, this is not art. this is, in fact, proof that you people in the arts center have been sniffing too much rubber glue and dust in there. haha, no but seriously, this is disturbing, but not in an artistic sense...more of a societal, mental sense. This is like saying hanging someone is art or hanging a noose in front of someone's home is art. Distasteful and disgusting.

  2. yeah, i'd probably agree. it's more horrible than not.