Tuesday, August 30, 2005

And so the year begins

And so classes begin again. How depressing. I just got a call today that they do want me to be a tutor, so now that is another thing to add to my to do list, and of course they only pay minimum wage, but the gold star it adds to the resume makes it worthwhile. I am going to be a sleepy grouch all semester. My classes all seem to be of the time consuming variety and I only have one break all week in which I can meet at Jazzmans with friends. I'm already depressed thinking about all the brain energy and time I'm going to burn. I miss summer laziness already. Plus I have to pick up more hours at the Links ahhh I'm going crazy. Good bye social life, I'll miss you. On the bright side though, I do like my classes thus far. Lets see here: Selected Topics English-Rhetoric, American Writers II, Intermediate Spanish, Basic Drawing, Color & 2D Design, and Honors Selected Topic-Service Learning. Oh the biggest bummer I got today was that the study abroad program I've already filled out the application for, and was planning on submitting today changed their prices. They upped it by 1,125 dollars since the last time I checked. Where in the heck am I supposed to just come up with that much more money. Money doesn't grow on trees, why doesn't someone inform them of this? Now I must reconsider my options and see if I perhaps want to pick a different organization to go with after I spent all summer ironing out the stupid details. Grrrrr. Oh and while I'm steaming, the sketchbook company cheat people out of their rightful pages. The three that I bought have only 94 pages, when it is printed, and I paid for 100 pages. Anything can tick me off right now. The bookstore cheated me out of a ruler in my drawing kit too and the line was wrapped around the whole store so I didn't bother to wait in it and tell them about it. Oh, and I gotta shell out 100 bucks for an online workbook with nothing to show for it but a freakin password to a website. Do I want to pay that? no I don't. I am sick of being taken advantage of, and I refuse to let companies cheat me anymore. Some people are gonna get nasty letters in the mail. Oh, I'm started now, I could go on ranting for hours, but I will spare you and myself before I boil over. Deep breath, deep breath, let the anger wear away. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, etc... this is only making me more jittery, I gotta go stick my head in a bucket of ice-water...

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Aquarium, the restaurant

One day on the boardwalk we ate at the Aquarium restaurant which was awesome-- There's a giant tubular tank with a winding staircase you walk up to get into the place and while you eat you can watch fish swimming around in the giant tanks all over the walls. At $20 for the cheapest meal on the menu, it was all about the atmosphere, not the food since they serve basically just seafood- yuck. But the lighting- that was the coolest part, irredescent blue gleam everywhere.

Scavenger hunt today for which we walked all over God's creation and as tomorrow dawns so does our first day of classes.

Duck Pond

Emily W. is leaving for Lock Haven tommorrow so we ate lunch at the new Wendys today. Then we walked through town and I made her pose with the creepy plastic army guy that stands in front of the war store or whatever.
She was worried that all the townies would see us, and make fun of us because we looked like tourists.
Then we waded in that little creek that runs past the library and it was cold it numbed our little toesies! That made us think of water, and water made us think of ducks, so we went to the duck pond next to look at the ducks and that is it (Those of you who are from Shippensburg). We had a nice afternoon, then I had blah day at work following since I covered someone else's shift.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Yesterday I got to go golfing!! Yay. I went with my parents to Greencastle Greens. My score was nothing to be proud of but I still had fun, and that is what is important...as I say to comfort myself.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Fishys @ the Aquarium

One day when we were in Texas, we visited the Dallas World Aquarium, and man was it cool. When you first walk in there is a giant waterfall that is about 3 stories high. There were a bunch of sea creatures of course, but land animals too. The sea dragons were by far my favorite but the flamingoes edged in at a close second.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Houston... we have a problem

In Texas we visited my relatives' house in Houston, so what is Houston famous for? The Johnson Space Center of course. We took a tour of where the astronauts actually train. We watched an Imax thingie, a performance about how to live in space, rode a tram car around the cite, and did bunches of touristy stuff. Michelle and I tried on the alien glasses in the gift shop, as you can see.

BEACH oh yeah!

Oh man, where do I begin telling you what I've been up to? Eventually I'll get it all in. First, I got to go to the beach!!! Yay, I was lamenting that couldn't earlier in the summer, but now I can no longer. I almost didn't know what to do I was so excited! We went to Gavelston on the Gulf of Mexico in south Texas. Unfortunately my back did burn, but by now it has turned into a tan. I also think I got stung by a jelly fish or something of the sort. We boogie boarded, picked up sea shells, fed seagulls, laid out in the sun, all the typical beachy stuff. Whoopie!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I am IN Texas!!

Hey Hey, in the hustle and bustle of the past week I haven't been keeping up with blogging. So what is new? I am in Texas. My grandparents offered to pay for my flight back so how could I refuse? We are having lots and lots of fun, about which I will blog later, but I am still behind on the past 2 weeks of which I haven't written about so here ya go:

This is my brother-in-law, Tony, and me with the enchiladas I made one night for supper. And me suspiciously grinning at the stack of 55 candy bars that I unwrapped for the UPC code to get some free shirts from HERSHEY's.

This is a picture of of MIchelle and Tony with all the goodies we got at hershey, and Tony stuffing his face, ha ha. Well my computer time is up so I'll finish blogging later- Later

Thursday, August 4, 2005

Sister home and the FAIR!!

Well folks. My sister her husband are in from Texas!!!! They came last week for the fair and stayed through this week. I have lots to blog about so I will do it in portions. First up, the picture to the right I stole from the fair website that Jaime took. Below: this is my sister michelle and myself. The second photo is Emily W. and me petting the cows at the fair since we annually visit the fair together.

This is Tami, Katie, and Emily C. before the fair on Monday night, at which we watched the fair queen pagent. As always my prediction was correct. HAHAHAHAH The 2nd photo is my sister's friend, Chris who drove here from Dallas to see what rural Pennsylvanian life was like. City boy "ba-ing" at the sheeps is my caption for this.