Thursday, August 4, 2005

Sister home and the FAIR!!

Well folks. My sister her husband are in from Texas!!!! They came last week for the fair and stayed through this week. I have lots to blog about so I will do it in portions. First up, the picture to the right I stole from the fair website that Jaime took. Below: this is my sister michelle and myself. The second photo is Emily W. and me petting the cows at the fair since we annually visit the fair together.

This is Tami, Katie, and Emily C. before the fair on Monday night, at which we watched the fair queen pagent. As always my prediction was correct. HAHAHAHAH The 2nd photo is my sister's friend, Chris who drove here from Dallas to see what rural Pennsylvanian life was like. City boy "ba-ing" at the sheeps is my caption for this.

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