Tuesday, August 30, 2005

And so the year begins

And so classes begin again. How depressing. I just got a call today that they do want me to be a tutor, so now that is another thing to add to my to do list, and of course they only pay minimum wage, but the gold star it adds to the resume makes it worthwhile. I am going to be a sleepy grouch all semester. My classes all seem to be of the time consuming variety and I only have one break all week in which I can meet at Jazzmans with friends. I'm already depressed thinking about all the brain energy and time I'm going to burn. I miss summer laziness already. Plus I have to pick up more hours at the Links ahhh I'm going crazy. Good bye social life, I'll miss you. On the bright side though, I do like my classes thus far. Lets see here: Selected Topics English-Rhetoric, American Writers II, Intermediate Spanish, Basic Drawing, Color & 2D Design, and Honors Selected Topic-Service Learning. Oh the biggest bummer I got today was that the study abroad program I've already filled out the application for, and was planning on submitting today changed their prices. They upped it by 1,125 dollars since the last time I checked. Where in the heck am I supposed to just come up with that much more money. Money doesn't grow on trees, why doesn't someone inform them of this? Now I must reconsider my options and see if I perhaps want to pick a different organization to go with after I spent all summer ironing out the stupid details. Grrrrr. Oh and while I'm steaming, the sketchbook company cheat people out of their rightful pages. The three that I bought have only 94 pages, when it is printed, and I paid for 100 pages. Anything can tick me off right now. The bookstore cheated me out of a ruler in my drawing kit too and the line was wrapped around the whole store so I didn't bother to wait in it and tell them about it. Oh, and I gotta shell out 100 bucks for an online workbook with nothing to show for it but a freakin password to a website. Do I want to pay that? no I don't. I am sick of being taken advantage of, and I refuse to let companies cheat me anymore. Some people are gonna get nasty letters in the mail. Oh, I'm started now, I could go on ranting for hours, but I will spare you and myself before I boil over. Deep breath, deep breath, let the anger wear away. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, etc... this is only making me more jittery, I gotta go stick my head in a bucket of ice-water...

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