Friday, September 30, 2005

flights and hotels.

So does anyone know any websites where I can get the cheapest international airline tickets? And how about a cheap hotel in NYC, without rodents and roaches crawling around? I need to book a flight and a hotel within the next week, so if you are stopping by and have suggestions of where to look, please let me know. I need cheap!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I am sooo tired but I know if take a nap now (7:00AM) I will never wake back up in an hour for class. I woke up at 4:30 this morning to finish the 33 drawings due in our sketchbook in addition to the two large ink washes for today. I got a grand total of 3 hours of sleep, and if have draw another thing today I'm going to keel over.
Last night I played mini golf with my grandparents and my sister and her husband. We picked the wrong night, it was freezing! And Tara wore little strappy shoes with her toes sticking out, brrrr, the thought gives me the chills, literally.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Mosaic-ing the bathroom floor

Pretty. oh so pretty. My floor it is.

I am finally done! After a little bribery from my dad, I eventually got it done. It looks gorgeous. Broken tiles + mortar + blue grout + silicon coat + painted side boards + hours and hours = the best bathroom floor ever. I took the stir stick from the grout to Lowes and they were able to scan the color into their computer and get me blue paint that matches perfectly. I am quite impressed. I'm glad it was a small bathroom. Mom said I can do the purple bathroom next. HAHAHAHA that would take a lifetime.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Stop printing... please

I went to the driver's license photo place and I finally got a good picture! No more of those tilted heads, too close to the camera, frizzy hair, closed eye, giant pimple, stuff in teeth pictures anymore!

Can't believe I was in Gavelston a little over a month ago, and now it is destroyed by hurricane Rita. Makes one think.

So on thursday this week I made a giant moron of myself as usual. I was sitting the computer lab and I printed out an essay. You have to put in a code that you click on later to actually print your stuff, so the code I always put in is 123. Unfortunately, when the girl beside me, who I had never met before, was was telling me her life story. I accidentally put 123 in the number of copies column. So when I went to print out 1 stinkin copy of my essay, it just never stopped. It printed out sheet after sheet as I was frantically trying to make it stop. I asked the computer lab aide what was happening because I didn't realize what I had done yet. So we pushed the cancel button, but yes it just kept on printing. So she said she'd call in someone to fix it, but who is it? other than the guy that works at the Links. I was soooo embarrassed. And to add to the treachary of this event, there were about 6 people standing around waiting to use the printer who were late for their classes glaring at me. One guy clicked print (before he should have, jerk) but he lost his whole print job and he said he didn't save it either. I felt a bit bad about that, but even worse about killing the trees. I'd say I printed out a redwood that day. I always find new ways to mortify myself.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Last Saturday Emily and Tami came over to my house to cook and watch Dear Frankie with *sigh* Gerard Butler. We had fun fun.

So Tami played with the big long knife, ahh, a little scary
I took the enchiladas out the oven with the handy ove glove
Emily doesn't seem to be enjoying the enchilada goodness.

It took us a lot longer than we thought it would to make the enchiladas, or we would have started sooner. Part of the problem could have been that I told Em and Tam that I had turned the oven on, but on checking it later, we realized I had not. Whoopsies. Also Emily took forever to chop up the chicken, leaving giant chunks of fat on it that I had to pick out, and Tami had apparently never boiled water to make fake chicken broth before, although she's around chickens everyday!!

Even if the enchiladas didn't turn out so great, at least the baked apples turned out well. Learning your friends how to cook takes a lot of work!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Straw Dress

So after a little bribing and pathetic begging, I finally convinced Miss Emily to model my straw dress in the fashion show Thursday night. I wouldn't know why it would take any convincing to strut around in a lovely outfit of pure drinking straws. I spent hours making it.
If I might say so myself, she looked sensational-- as you can see from the pictures! When your modeling career takes off emily, you can thank me. Oh, and I can make your clothes for you too!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I'll have some chickens to golf with, please

So I have been soooo busy lately that I haven't posted in awhile. Sorry. I am working two jobs, one at the learning center on campus, tutoring English and the other at the Links. I like it, but it is just so draining. My life is school, work, homework, and sleep. I honestly don't have time for anything else except for about 2 half days of the weekend. After getting way too involved in high school, I promised myself I'd hold back on my commitments. I'm afraid I'm a work-a-holic, but I don't want to be that way. I want free time, I really do! This much stress can't be good for a person. That is why I'm so exicited about studying abroad, I just want some time to relax.

Oh yeah, I officially got accepted, so I'm off to Malaga in January 06!! Of course I'll be in a foreign country, with a foreign language, and foreign people that I am not going to be able to communicate with for the first 2 months I am there!

On a side note, I saw Katey B today in the parking lot, and that makes me so happy, I haven't talked to her in like forever. Yay, my friend Katey!

A quick story from the Links: A guy asks me where the golf balls are and I tell him go down into the building and put your token in the machine. He proceeds to ask me, "well, what comes out?" My holy word. chikens come out. You go to the driving range, put your token in the machine, and out pops chickens.

No wait, candy comes out, its like an automated pinata, yay! everyone grab the candy that comes out of golf ball machine. Geez people. Really, what did he think was going to come out of that machine? Did he think a clown was going to come out and dance him a jig? No people, golf balls come out of golf ball machine. Jeepers Creepers, I'm going to go insane here soon.

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Jackalopes are real...

I saw this in Texas at the space center-- The Jackalope mobile, or something of the sort. Take that for all of you who scorned my belief! This proves they exist...

Monday, September 5, 2005

Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino

Have you tried the Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino? They taste nasty. Tony referred to them as "hay bales" and that is not far from the truth. Ahhh, the thought makes me shudder. At first you are like hmmm, this isn't bad, and then it hits you. The after-tastes is overwhelming. It reminds me of the taste of lipstick, mind you not those cutesie flavored lip glosses, but, yes, real lipstick disgustingness. For picture purposes only, Michelle is pretending to drink the green Frappuccino that should be posted with biohazard Mr. Yuck stickers.

Saturday, September 3, 2005


For the first time when I was in Texas, I got to visit a real Texas cattle ranch!! My 2nd cousins took us to their ranch somewhere outside San Antonio. After driving back a long entranceway we finally got there. The animals would come right up to you and lick your fingers in hopes of getting fed. It was so beautiful and just like I imagined a ranch would be like.

The first photo is my favorite, the cows had no problem lounging around on the road when a big red van is about to run them over. The next photo is of one of the lakes near the house, the third Diane's horse, the last an example of the antiques that decorated the entire house, porch, and barn.

A Texas long horn steer standing a foot away! Taken from the porch, Michelle is sitting on the swing under the tree if you look closely. Another really cool lake with lilly pads and finally really cool trees with Spanish moss draping off of them.

Friday, September 2, 2005

Dead Bear

I feel trapped! Gas prices are way to high. How can I go anywhere when it costs so much just to get there?

So while in TX we visited my cousin's house in Houston like I said earlier, and they had this bear rug which I got excited about because I have never seen a REAL bear rug before so I got my picture with it. Then I proceeded to take various photos of family members beside other dead animals. Looking at them now actually makes me feel a little...creepy I suppose. My head was 6 inches away from a dead bear's head and flattened skin, hmmm weird.