Saturday, September 3, 2005


For the first time when I was in Texas, I got to visit a real Texas cattle ranch!! My 2nd cousins took us to their ranch somewhere outside San Antonio. After driving back a long entranceway we finally got there. The animals would come right up to you and lick your fingers in hopes of getting fed. It was so beautiful and just like I imagined a ranch would be like.

The first photo is my favorite, the cows had no problem lounging around on the road when a big red van is about to run them over. The next photo is of one of the lakes near the house, the third Diane's horse, the last an example of the antiques that decorated the entire house, porch, and barn.

A Texas long horn steer standing a foot away! Taken from the porch, Michelle is sitting on the swing under the tree if you look closely. Another really cool lake with lilly pads and finally really cool trees with Spanish moss draping off of them.


  1. Beautiful pictures. It looks very peaceful.

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