Thursday, September 15, 2005

I'll have some chickens to golf with, please

So I have been soooo busy lately that I haven't posted in awhile. Sorry. I am working two jobs, one at the learning center on campus, tutoring English and the other at the Links. I like it, but it is just so draining. My life is school, work, homework, and sleep. I honestly don't have time for anything else except for about 2 half days of the weekend. After getting way too involved in high school, I promised myself I'd hold back on my commitments. I'm afraid I'm a work-a-holic, but I don't want to be that way. I want free time, I really do! This much stress can't be good for a person. That is why I'm so exicited about studying abroad, I just want some time to relax.

Oh yeah, I officially got accepted, so I'm off to Malaga in January 06!! Of course I'll be in a foreign country, with a foreign language, and foreign people that I am not going to be able to communicate with for the first 2 months I am there!

On a side note, I saw Katey B today in the parking lot, and that makes me so happy, I haven't talked to her in like forever. Yay, my friend Katey!

A quick story from the Links: A guy asks me where the golf balls are and I tell him go down into the building and put your token in the machine. He proceeds to ask me, "well, what comes out?" My holy word. chikens come out. You go to the driving range, put your token in the machine, and out pops chickens.

No wait, candy comes out, its like an automated pinata, yay! everyone grab the candy that comes out of golf ball machine. Geez people. Really, what did he think was going to come out of that machine? Did he think a clown was going to come out and dance him a jig? No people, golf balls come out of golf ball machine. Jeepers Creepers, I'm going to go insane here soon.


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  2. Mark MellangSeptember 15, 2005

    All work and no play...

  3. Maybe he just wanted you to say the word "balls" know, some kind of pervert or something.

  4. Well, you never know....weird people like that are out there and they just happen to show up at the links.