Saturday, September 24, 2005

Stop printing... please

I went to the driver's license photo place and I finally got a good picture! No more of those tilted heads, too close to the camera, frizzy hair, closed eye, giant pimple, stuff in teeth pictures anymore!

Can't believe I was in Gavelston a little over a month ago, and now it is destroyed by hurricane Rita. Makes one think.

So on thursday this week I made a giant moron of myself as usual. I was sitting the computer lab and I printed out an essay. You have to put in a code that you click on later to actually print your stuff, so the code I always put in is 123. Unfortunately, when the girl beside me, who I had never met before, was was telling me her life story. I accidentally put 123 in the number of copies column. So when I went to print out 1 stinkin copy of my essay, it just never stopped. It printed out sheet after sheet as I was frantically trying to make it stop. I asked the computer lab aide what was happening because I didn't realize what I had done yet. So we pushed the cancel button, but yes it just kept on printing. So she said she'd call in someone to fix it, but who is it? other than the guy that works at the Links. I was soooo embarrassed. And to add to the treachary of this event, there were about 6 people standing around waiting to use the printer who were late for their classes glaring at me. One guy clicked print (before he should have, jerk) but he lost his whole print job and he said he didn't save it either. I felt a bit bad about that, but even worse about killing the trees. I'd say I printed out a redwood that day. I always find new ways to mortify myself.

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