Sunday, July 24, 2005


And yet another great day in Washington DC this year! We drove to a town in VA and then took the Metro into the city which was a much more pleasant experience than in NYC. Elizabeth, Kevin, Harold, and I hit up the natural museum of history complete with a 3D T-Rex Imax show, the holocaust museum, the Freer Art Gallery, and the memorials. We ate in a cute little cafe and walked around the city a bit. We got to talk mucho and best of all we did not get lost beyond repair! Overall the day was quite nice. Thanks for a great day guys!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

B-day party!!

Hmmm, I just can't keep up with this blogging thing over the summer. This is yet a another week of golf camp to keep me busy. Last week was Emily C's birthday party--fun fun. As she demanded, "Bake me a cake" -we did before her party deep deep in in the woods. Unfortunately the icing all melted to the sides since we didn't have time to wait to let the cake cool. We were afraid it would rain, but luckily it didn't. Yay, we all had fun!

Hmmm, how many of our friends does it take to make a fire? The present I got Emily was an authentic hand-signed photograph of Orlando Bloom.

Emily viciously slicing Ashley's head off with a light saber. Josh lighting his hand on fire, but my camera missing the precise moment like 5 times in a row.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Camping Funness

This weekend was a total blast!!! After all our other friends backed out on the camping wagon it ended up being Emily W, Andy, and me camping at Calendonia. It was definitely fun. Everyone else just missed out.

Friday night we arrived, set up the tents, hit up walmart for food stuff and the check out lady knew we were camping and Emily was shocked... Maybe it was the smore and hotdog stuff we bought...and went for hike but it got dark on us and we took a trail the brochure described as the most rugged and longest of the park, that figures.

Then Saturday we browsed around the craft show, went on a stream hike and sun tanned and swam at the pool. That night I had to go to work for a few hours and Emily had to feed the animals. But no worries, they had a fire going for me and I still got my hot dog on a stick.

Sunday morning I made us all wake up at 4:45 to go on a sunrise hike but unfortunately we took the Appalachian train that went to the west so we didn't even get to see the sun rise. Then once again, not adding to my popularity on this hike, I misled us on the wrong trail. We wanted to take a different trail back to camp but I picked the wrong one that led us down the other side of mountain and put us out on Black Gap road, where we had to walk on that road to Licoln Way, and back to the park. Our hour hike then turned into a four hour hike along the side of route 30. Lesson? Don't listen to Jenn's directions--Ever! ...unless you enjoy the adveterousome feeling of being lost in the wee hours of the morning...

Emily stuffing burnt marshmallows into her face.

Andy and his gooey disgusting eggs with ahem "pepper" in them. We eventually banned Andy from cooking, he still had his pride though because "he make fire."

Me dumping my beloved mountain pie on the ground.

The stream hike before things turned ugly (pushing each other in the water on a bed of jagged rocks).

What emily did around camp. No just kidding, we waited a half hour for her while she CLEANED the tent. Who's the looney now?

Vanna White, I mean me, showcasing the Appalachian trail sign.

Emily pushing Andy off HER rock.

Err, the lovely scenery on our hike.

3 People on a Sunday morning in an abandoned parking lot with no car. If only we had hitch hiked... instead we collapsed in front of the soda machines for a little rest.

Smoky says Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires!

Awww, pretty mountain and laurel, oh and Emily and me too.

Bake me a cake... NOW

So funny nugget for the day? Emily C tells me, "You are coming over to my house and baking me a birthday cake!" Yes Master Emily, I shall.

Who demands that their friends slave over a hot stove all day baking their cake? Obsessive compulsive control freaks, that's who. The sad thing is that i probably will bake her one. I am just too nice. I am confident that we will have fun, and if we don't, I may have to face the wrath of Emily...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I'm back to blogging... and the crowd rejoiced
... so start rejoicing already.

For my first blog in a while: here's some pictures from Camp YoliJwa. We had tons of fun, my room was great, other counselors were fun, and I must say how I've forgotten how great camp is. Every year it is one of the highlights of my summer. I always grow closer to God, build friendships, spend time with super kids, and just get to be outdoors.

The theme for the week was the amazing race. Lovely door decoration wouldn't you say? My room came in first for this race game we played. I was so proud of them. One of my girls fell down the hill and I was like get up and keep on running. In retrospect maybe that was a little harsh, but hey if you want to win you gotta run the whole thing.

These are my girls. Room 231. Yay. A little boy-crazy, but hey, what 8th grader isn't? I was a team leader this year and for our group splash in the pool we did Noah's Ark so I was writing down the names of campers and then the animal they wanted to be. One kid said he wanted to be a wolf so I wrote that down but then another said he wanted to be a wolf as well so I just added an 'es' on the end. Well I never heard the end of spelling wolfes like that the whole week. Even the campers were making fun of me. What can I say? I have shamed the English major.

Where did that foot come from? Here's some of the other counselors, they were a hoot. We share similiar senses of humor...cruel and nasty... I mean pleasant and delightful heh heh.