Wednesday, July 20, 2005

B-day party!!

Hmmm, I just can't keep up with this blogging thing over the summer. This is yet a another week of golf camp to keep me busy. Last week was Emily C's birthday party--fun fun. As she demanded, "Bake me a cake" -we did before her party deep deep in in the woods. Unfortunately the icing all melted to the sides since we didn't have time to wait to let the cake cool. We were afraid it would rain, but luckily it didn't. Yay, we all had fun!

Hmmm, how many of our friends does it take to make a fire? The present I got Emily was an authentic hand-signed photograph of Orlando Bloom.

Emily viciously slicing Ashley's head off with a light saber. Josh lighting his hand on fire, but my camera missing the precise moment like 5 times in a row.

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