Tuesday, March 13, 2012

State Skillets

If I had $450 to throw down on a skillet...I would buy one of these.

From the artist:
Exclusively from the den of FeLion Studios, comes the 48 cast iron skillets of the “Made In America” original state-pan art piece. Now available for individual pre-sale, every skillet from the “Made In America” series fits together with the surrounding states, making these items fun to collect and build your own geographic regions of functional skillets !

They might look mini in the photo above, but total weight of the all the state skillets together is 550 lbs! Wowza. They're definitely big enough to put on your stove and fry up some eggs in.

Goodness, the options for breakfast would be endless. Today I'd have a Virginia omelette and tomorrow a Pennsylvania pancake.

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Big Thank You

A big THANK YOU to everyone one who voted for Jamal and me in the dream wedding contest.

We are very appreciative of all your support and encouragement. We are two lucky individuals to have such amazing friends and family.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

One Last Chance to Vote

You've got about one last chance to vote for us in the contest since voting ends tomorrow at 10AM: www.northernvirginiamag.com/dream-wedding/

One last big push. Vote Now!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Mystery of the Missing 54 Pieces of Candy

Shudder. I had bought several bags of Hershey's kisses (to persuade people to vote Jamal and me in the contest we're in, because everyone knows food is a great motivator). I wanted to know how many kisses were in each bag, so I could know if I had bought enough; thus I counted every piece in the bag and then laid the bag beside my bed. I counted exactly 54 pieces of chocolate.

Then I leave the house for awhile and come back to find a Hershey kiss wrapper by my door. I thought it was quite strange since I hadn't even eaten one piece of it. So I go to the bag of kisses to see what happened, and lo and behold, the bag is knocked over on it's side and when I pick it up, completely empty. Huh? That's so weird. I look around to see if the chocolate spilled out of the bag. It hasn't. Then I look under my dresser to find shiney pastel colored foil shredded and scattered everywhere.

What on earth? SOMETHING had unwrapped and eaten 54 pieces of chocolate, and that something was not me!! I call my landlord, and he comes with a golf club to search out the whole apartment and finds nothing. He promises to call pest control and in the meanwhile I call my mother who tells me, oh if it's mice they can climb. At this point I have a mini panic attack frought with hysterical crying and the inability to breathe. Of course I'm imagining the worst. The downfall of a creative imagination. Maybe it's a horde of mice who will climb up my bed while I sleep and eat the flesh off my bones. I'm a clean person, this shouldn't happen to me.

Fortunately, my very nice landlords allow me to stay in their guest bedroom until the extermminator is able to come and diagnose and eradicate the problem. There is no way I want to be in a space with something that can crawl and eat 54 pieces of chocolate in one night.

Boy this contest has turned to out be a whole lot more stressful than I could have ever imagined.

Friday, March 9, 2012

We can haz votes?

Ah, meme generators. Who doesn't love making their own lolcats and what you think I do photos? Great for annoying all your facebook friends and imploring them to votez for you!!

We can haz your votes? http://www.northernvirginiamag.com/dream-wedding/

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Have you seen our video yet?

I think the folks at Northern Virginia Magazine did a nice job with our video. You can watch it below or pop on over to YouTube.

Jamal did such a great job. He's so cute (teehee). And he so got the thing I'd want throw away of his more right than the answer I gave (ugly shoes). I hate PC computers now that I've gone Mac. I won't ever go back. But I have to say, oh my goodness, do I really do those weird things with my eyes? And how many times did I like say "like" in our engagement story? I swear. I like, did not, like, even notice I was doing that, like. That was always one of my favorite exercises while teaching public speaking. Ok class, today we're going to count each other's inarticulates. Nothing like 30 19-year olds tallying every um, uh, like, err, aah you say. Leads to a profound amount of self awareness.

Anyways, how did I get so sidetracked? I meant to tell you to watch our cool video. And of course, the to VOTE for Jennifer & Jamal at: http://www.northernvirginiamag.com/dream-wedding/

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Voooooting Time!

Yes, it's that time again. It's time to vote for your favorite couple (cough, cough, Jennifer and Jamal) to win a dream wedding from Northern Virginia Magazine!

All you have to do is go to: http://www.northernvirginiamag.com/dream-wedding

Scroll down, under "You must log in to vote" click "here" to register. Put your information in (it doesn't take more than a minute) and check "register." Then go back to http://www.northernvirginiamag.com/dream-wedding and click on "JENNIFER & JAMAL" and then "Vote."

There, done. You've voted for us! Then come back tomorrow and vote again. Voting is once per IP address every 24 hours. We really really need your help on this!