Tuesday, March 13, 2012

State Skillets

If I had $450 to throw down on a skillet...I would buy one of these.

From the artist:
Exclusively from the den of FeLion Studios, comes the 48 cast iron skillets of the “Made In America” original state-pan art piece. Now available for individual pre-sale, every skillet from the “Made In America” series fits together with the surrounding states, making these items fun to collect and build your own geographic regions of functional skillets !

They might look mini in the photo above, but total weight of the all the state skillets together is 550 lbs! Wowza. They're definitely big enough to put on your stove and fry up some eggs in.

Goodness, the options for breakfast would be endless. Today I'd have a Virginia omelette and tomorrow a Pennsylvania pancake.

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