Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mac Love (And Hate)

My Macbook and accessories came in the mail last week (the FedEx man woke me up 4 different days in a row since I had to sign for the packages that all happened to be delivered separately. He probably thought I am a disheveled individual; I made a habit of shoving on pants over my pjs while hopping to the door, my hair a mess, and not being able to see the box to sign without my contacts in yet).

But anyway, I have a love-hate sort of relationship with my new Mac. I love the design and setup; it's so sleek. I hate that you can't double click or push a the delete button to erase to the right; those two things frustrate me to no end. I love the new programs that I am still testing out from iPhoto to iChat. I hate that it takes me 10 minutes to do anything that on my old computer would've taken me 1. Argh. I think it's just the adjustment period. Soon we will have a love-only relationship going on.

If nothing else, every time I look at the computer, I swoon at how pretty it is. The glowing apple on the back is the best thing since sliced bread. And did I mention that the Incase cover is purple?

Just my style.

Mac and I will get along just fine.

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