Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato

My grandparents sent along tomatoes from their garden and chocolate zucchini bread when I left. So that's what I'll be eating until I have a chance to go look for a grocery store nearby. I will go store searching this afternoon since I can not get a student ID card until I register for classes, without which I cannot sign my lease yet either. Oh complications.

As far as tomatoes go though, I never realized how good they are all by themselves. Slice them up, dump some salt on them, and gobble down. Why don't people eat them like this more often?


  1. I love tomatoes like that. They are also good with some white sugar on them. You can make tomato sandwiches. Two slices of bread, tomato, a little mayo, some salt and pepper. Good! I hope you find the stores okay. I was in the same situation with classes, id and housing.

  2. I like them with brown sugar...lots and lots of brown sugar

  3. Brown sugar or white sugar ewwwww. Tomatoes are not like strawberries that you can just dump sugar on them. I don't think that sounds very tasty.