Monday, August 4, 2008

iTouch, he he he

I started blogging this post from an iPod touch. Oh la la.

Soon Aemelia is about to be the proud owner one of these hot pieces of metal.

Funny thing. I didn't realize the official name of the device was an iPod Touch. I thought it was simply called the "iTouch." So in conversation, I start talking about iTouch this and iTouch that. My friends thought I was some kind of weirdo creep talking about how I like to touch things. Nooooo. An iPod. Really that's what I meant.

Now the jokes never stop. iTouch.

Good thing Apple saw the futility in potentially naming their product that. The puns would get out of hand in about, oh, one minute.


  1. wait a minute...are you using my iTouch?! Okay, if that baby has a scratch on it, the price is going dooownnnn..hahaha...(sort of laughing)

  2. Ha ha. No, not from yours. Unless I'm magic. It's still in the box, in the plastic wrap, and un'touched' by me.

  3. hahaha..."un'touched'"