Friday, August 15, 2008

Fancy Smancy Laptop Case...and Handmade Too

I sewed something! I made a cute bag for my laptop and another one for the charger and cords. The first was actually just practice to see if I was up the task, and surprisingly, it turned out well.

Unfortunately, I still can't use my sewing machine that I got for Christmas two years ago (since I am a sewing moron, and every time I touch the thing, the threads from the bobbin get ridiculously twisted while the material gets jammed around the needle until it starts making angry noises), so this project was all done by hand.

I used scrap material and an old blue flannel shirt for the lining that ought to have been cut up years ago for violating every rule of fashion. I took pleasure in cutting the flannel shirt up and sticking pins in it. Bah ha ha.

But anyway, after I was finished sewing the first bag, the trim around the top turned out being uneven at the seams. That's ok, I had a light bulb moment. I found ribbon and tied little bows right over the bad alignment. Problem averted. Then I sewed buttons on side for decoration. Voila! A free laptop cover and cord-carrying bag. It only took me about 6 hours to make...


  1. aw jenn, i could help you with your sewing machine. i had the same problem at one time with the bobbin thread getting tangle. the problem with the bobbin could be how you thread it. i love to sew. from the pictures, you did a good job. first projects are the first. practice make prefect.

  2. very very nice my dear!
    You could have made Nicole's wedding dress and our dresses as well!

  3. how cute! you are so talented, just think of what you could make with a sewing machine
    if you need help with sewing machine just let me know and we can fix it

  4. thanks, they really aren't that great. I might actually take up the offer for sewing machine help. It's such a shame that it never gets used.