Monday, August 25, 2008

Maryland Love

Oh my, I've been busy. I went into the city again on Friday for dessert (cheesecake) at Friendship Heights with friends of friends. Saturday I went out for dinner and walk in Clarendon, VA. Sunday I read a bunch of chapters from my textbook that I am teaching from. I still have a lot of rapid reading to do before classes start next week. Ahhhh. Today, orientation started bright and early in the morning. We met some of our faculty and got keys to our offices. Yay! I like this whole grad student/TA thing

We also walked around campus and the Comcast stadium is huge!! I think they take basketball seriously here. There is also a mini-farm right on campus and a multi-level super-awesome gym. They even have an Olympic sized pool outdoors in addition to the two indoors. This Maryland place is crazy. Every day I am more and more happy that I am here.

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  1. I am so glad that you love Maryland. Who thought that much entertainment could be found so close to Shippensburg? I am happy for you.