Saturday, August 30, 2008

Palin for VP

Ohhh, goody. I am quite excited at McCain's Vice Presidential choice. His campaign managers must be geniouses. Sarah Palin very well could win McCain the election.

Right on the shirt tails of the DNC that had the press buzzing about Obama's acceptance of the democratic nomination, McCain's announcement made everyone forget. Palin has the unique ability to stir up the mix, woo disgruntled Hillary supporters, soften McCain's image, and roundup conservative republicans. The McCain/Palin duo just made this election more of a competition.

I love what Marginal Revolution has to say about her:
Around the blogosphere you will see many left-wing writers criticizing Palin for lack of experience. Maybe this criticism is correct, but these commentators are falling into The Trap. Most American voters do not themselves know much detail about foreign affairs and their vision of an experienced leader does not require such knowledge...

The more the word "experience" is repeated, no matter what the context, the more it will hurt Obama. Palin needs to appear confident and capable on TV and in the debates, but her ticket is not going to lose votes if she cannot properly spell Kyrgyzstan or for that matter place it on a map.
Ha. Yeah. Somebody else I know doesn't have "experience" either. And he isn't just the candidate for VP. Talk about a complaint that shoots you in the foot.

Ironic. Obama doesn't pick Clinton and here McCain pick a female running mate instead. Hahhahaa. One thing is for sure, no matter which party claims the white house, a historic presidential election this will be!

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