Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Shopping Christmas Style

This evening I went shopping with my mom. Oh shopping is a dangerous thing. I want to buy everything. I just sold my books back to the university bookstore from classes that are over so I went with a purse full of cash. Bad Bad. The Christmas music, lights, and worst of all, sales really make me in the mood to be materialistic. Can you see the swirling circles of greed in my eyes? No need to worry, I came back only with one shirt, bought at a bargain I might add. It being Wednesday I also watched wife swap. At first I was like there is no way you could pay me to watch that show. But honestly it's like a little sociologly study. They take two families that are the opposite and switch the moms. Watching how they interact and how real families live is very interesting. I recommend the show if you like reality tv. (I'm sucker, I like just about it all except makeover and bachelor ones. Survivor, the amazing race, and the apprentice are my favorites!)

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