Sunday, April 10, 2005's been a while since I wrote on here...yeah, that's right, it's Emily again. Today, Jenn, Tami, and I played some volleyball at the university...that was interesting: three people playing volleyball. Most of the time, it was Jenn running back and forth from Tami's side to my side. Yesterday, 3 guys decided to play with us and the cutest and hottest one there was snide and I'm-to-good-to-play-with-you attitude. That is definitely a turn-off. Blahhhhh. One guy there was nick-named Frodo and when he said that, we were kinda like....errrr, is he serious? But he was a nice guy. I think that just goes to show that you can't judge or go by looks or else you could be highly disappointed. Jenn's superpower, as we have found out, was making everything she said sound like, "Bzzzzzz bzz bzzzzzz" because anytime she talked, all we heard was bzz bzzz bzzzzzzzzzzzz. Thus, we just ignored her. It was a beautiful day today. Too bad nobody else wanted to play or else it could have been more interesting. And less bzzzzzing.

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