Friday, April 1, 2005


If you have never read or watched the one act play, Trifles you are missing out. By Glaspell, it is quite interesting and short and sweet. I guess it deals a bit with women vs. men issues, murder/crime, and detective work. I found it enthralling so if you get a chance, read it. I just did an online discussion thing about it for my lit studies class so that is what mode I am in now.
Tonight, or rather very early tommorrow morning we are doing the relay for life walk/run-athon. They raise money for the national cancer society by making people walk in circles for hours. Ok, the image is walking in squares, but I'm close right? I think we should have fun. Emily is worried about getting bored, but really, who could ever get bored walking with someone such as my self? Ha ha. Be happy that it is the weekend. Goodbye.

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