Friday, April 8, 2005

Cookie Monster

So I saw on the news tonight that the infamous, beloved, blue cookie monster is being censored. They said teaching kids to eat lots of cookies; especially in his ravenous manner is a bad message. Instead of singing C is for cookie, they will sing, cookies are a sometimes food. This made me sad. Everyone watched Sesame Street as a child, and without the cookie monster and his greedy behavior, it would not be the same. Sad, sad, Americans are just too fat. My favorite characters on the show were always Bert and Ernie. My favorite episode you ask? Well, when Bert has been fishing all day long but then Ernie yells "here fishy fishy fish" and then tons of fish leap into the boat. Ha, ha how funny is that. Ahh, the sesame street days.


  1. I know!!! I read that in the newspaper on Friday..... poor cookie monster. He won't be cookie monster anymore then....he'll be i'm-on-a-diet-and-eat-cookies-only-once-a-week monster. You know why they did that? Because some shmuck went and complained and probably just wanted attention and ruin everybody else's fun...just b/c that person can't stop shoving cookies in their face doesn't mean that cookie monster can't...what ever happened to an American's freedom to eat whatever they want? Give cookie monster back his sugar, chocolate chip, gingerbread, and all kinds of cookies!!!! Geeze, half of the cookies fly out of his mouth anyway! Let the monster bask in his cookie appetite!

  2. You go Sista. That post rocked. I think we can both agree, "Cookie monster fans of the world unite!"