Friday, April 15, 2005


So the team our intramural volleyball team was supposed to play tonight never showed up. What's up with that? I drove in there for no freakin reason. I'm mad. They were probably all sitting around in a circle drinking. Why does it seem like that is all SU students do? Geez, they can't even interupt their booz time for game of volleyball. Ahhh, drinking makes me mad. I know I can have a perfectly fun time without alcohol. Why can't other people see that? You don't have to drink to have fun. Get it through your minds people, there are better things to do than getting drunk every night. --On a much more pleasant note, field trip again tommorrow. Yippy skippy! My dad was just complaining to me that when he was in college, they never got to go on field trips... (they had to walk to school 3 miles, barefoot, uphill both ways. lol).

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