Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Nothing? or.. something?

AHHH, what a lovely day outside. My one class was outside and I think I got a slight tan on my face. Lovely weather is so exciting. It means summer is almost here. Yay. I don't really have anything to say. My infinite knowledge is stumped by thought of nothing. Nothing is swarming through my brain at this time. Imagine that. Who was it that I had this conversation with, that guys can think about nothing, but girls can't. Does it have something to do with lobes that seperate the halves of our brain? ha ha. The thought of thinking about nothing makes me wonder if thinking about nothing is really thinking about nothing, since you are then indeed thinking about nothing, making it something. Figure that one out.


  1. Yeah, i think you were talking about thinking about nothing with bryan and I. I remember us talking to you about it. And, i think you can think about nothing. Haven't you even zoned out? You're not really consciously thinking about anything, you just kinda sit there and gaze off into nothingness. Well us guys have the special ability to do that at will! haha, not really. And it is indeed a really good day outside, i am definitely going to have to take advantage of that.

  2. Nooooo...Kevin, you were talking to me about it.....we were on the latin trip to the Walters Art Gallery i think and i turned around and started talking to you and bryan about it....dur

  3. I know I've talked about it with someone before. But I obviously wasn't in latin class, so maybe it was some other time.