Sunday, January 13, 2008

Faces Everywhere

Apparently there is a big artistic sub-culture out there that searches for faces. Faces in household items, shopping malls, vehicles, houses, clothing, appliances, nature, and the list goes on. There are actually many people who make it their hobby to search for unintended smileys and photograph them. Francois and Jean Robert created a book out of their findings, and many others follow in their footsteps. Sifting through the photos is actually kind of fun and make me think, hmmmm, maybe I could find some faces around my house or neighborhood.
I've come across bunches of sites that are face finding fans, but here are just a few links to get you started if you are interested:

Tricks and Illusions
A pbase Collection
Faces in Places

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  1. hey, you should put up that example of photoshopping our pic at mount rushmore