Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Hershey Candylane CostumesHershey Park at Christmas time is the greatest! They have millions of lights and lots of chocolate-y fun. I can't believe they started charging for entrance. We used to go for free:( But now I guess you can ride the rides without charge. We rode the Reeses Cup Challenge a zillion times and I pretty much suck at it. That one is shooting a laser gun at targets while zooming through the ride.

The whole town smells like chocolate, and I love it. If you have not gone before, you must next year, even if you have to travel miles to get to PA. As far as amusement parks go, it is my favorite one I've ever been to. Nothing can compare.

kissablesThe free candy they gave out after the chocolate ride this year, though, was those darn Kissables. They are too much candy-coating and not enough chocolate. Where's the good stuff?

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  1. ooooooooo...i like candylane too! did you hold your sweetie's hand while you were there? bahahahah! i like those kissables.