Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Keep your STDs over there, thank you

Christopher Columbus and his seamen did bring syphilis into Europe from the new world.

Emily C. has been insisting that since she did research for Mirabile Inventu, studying the Renaissance accross Europe this summer. And if you don't take her word for it then you'd have to take MSNBC's word for it.

...the study lends credence to the "Columbian theory," which links the first recorded European syphilis epidemic in 1495 to the return of Columbus and his crew.
In case you were wondering.

I'm guessing that would be one not-fun disease.


  1. bahahaha...good ol' columbus and his seamen....what would we do without them. i like the title of your blog too

  2. thanks. I debated on whether to do the post or not, and then I remembered Mirabile Inventu, and I had to.