Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow Flakes

Snow scene The snow today was beautiful. I love looking at the trees. The contrast of the brown bark against the snowy white crystals is startling. I was hoping for canceled classes, but no such cigar.

In other news, I am upset that the University now charges us to print. I missed the email and already used up a big chunk of my quota unknowingly. What's with the charging for everything? We pay so many thousands of dollars to go there and they can't even let us print for free? Even stuff that we are required to print for classes, because of the whole online, Blackboard craze anyway? I can not read endless articles on the computer screen. My eyes already suffer from too much screen-staring. And I cannot proofread as well in Word as on paper. Booooo.


  1. That is how Lock Haven University is becoming. We have a 300 quota. I don't think that we are being charged this semester but maybe next semester. I was told it was to ban people from printing and printing things that were waste. It just isn't fair.

  2. We had a quota at Penn State, State College back in 2002, so don't expect anything different from them should you attend grad school there. And, I think it will be awesome if you do, but go wherever you feel you are being led.