Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Operation State of the Union

Last night was the State of the Union Address. May I just say that I love the State of the Union Address?

I love watching the people. I love watching half of congress stand up and cheer and stolid glances on the other side. I love closeups of people trying to find the perfect balance between paying attention and falling asleep--that balance in appearing to enjoy yet hate the speech. I love begrudged standing for statements about liberty and American advancement, because let's face it, begruding or not, we all agree, no matter who is saying it. I love the commentary afterwards, complimenting the unity of the American political system, able to put party differences aside and applaud the same issues. It is a show, a formality, a tradition. And I love it.

Unfortunately, I missed the first half last night, because of my night class, but I'm sure the whole broadcast was great entertainment.

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  1. ok, i'm going to say this and i'll probably say it again..

    you are weird