Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Can't Believe It's Butter!

Harrisburg butter sculpture The Pennsylvania Farm Show has come again, and so that means the butter sculpture too. Nine hundred pounds of butter was lumped together to form a bus, cow, and children. Yes, 900 freakin' pounds. It takes a cow 9 months to produce enough milk to make that much butter. Jeepers creepers! Oogling at the giant hunk of butter is always one of my favorite things about the Farm Show.

Potato Donuts Sign My other favorites are the rodeo and the food. I had onion rings and a strawberry smoothie this year. Mmmm. I am sad I had no honey waffle with ice cream though, because I just couldn't eat anymore. I couldn't do it!

And the potato donuts, have I ever mentioned the potato donuts? Those are heavenly too. They are like donuts, only much much better.

My goodness, I just realized that the farm show is incredibly unhealthy. The giant sculpture of butter should have been some indication...

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