Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pickle Ice Cream

Dill Pickle Icecream. Have you ever tried it? It is about as bad as it sounds. At first it's like, oh this isn't so bad, but then...the aftertaste. Yuck.

Pickles, many many picklesI tried a sample of it at the farm show last year, made by a company in Pennsylvania. Pickle flavor and frozen dairy just don't blend together well; no matter how hard you try. Gross.

The pickles in the photo are only half of the ones my pappy brought over to our house to be canned last summer. Woah, pickle overload. We should've stuck them in ice cream and tried to sell it.


  1. I'd have to say I am a huge fan of pickles and ice cream however I never considered it to have them mixed. Was it that awful? I'd like to find somewhere to try it cause as you well know curiousity killed the cat. :)

  2. I guess it wasn't THAT awful, but it's not anything I'd want to eat again! I've not seen it sold in stores, so good luck on finding it. Maybe you could do an internet search or something.