Friday, January 11, 2008

♥ Virtual Love

Have you been wondering how to type those cute little hearts in your text while typing?

Blue HeartsYeah. Me neither. But I learned by accident, and now I can use a ♥ any time I want to. I can soften all my words with one little symbol.

I can say for example: "Screw You!♥," "Loser♥" and the popular "I ♥ you, not."

Really. I don't have issues.

But the secret is: Push Alt and then press the 3 on the number pad.

I heart blogging!


  1. ahhhhhhh! that's how people do it! I never knew...
    by the way, can you translate La Despedida for me? I cannot find a translation of it.

  2. yeah, if can find the spanish words first