Friday, January 18, 2008

Denver and Mile High Orchestra

Denver and Mile Hight Orchestra DMHO I got my parents tickets to see Denver and Mile High Orchestra this past Christmas. The concert is tonight in Camp Hill, and I am thinking this might be the first present that actually turns out right. (Perhaps some of you remember my past post on the unfortunate and even creepy presents I have gotten my parents) Although...this year, my dad was going to buy the tickets so he asked me the day before Christmas to put them on my credit card so Mom wouldn't find out. I held my tongue and agreed to do so. He was shocked when he opened them up the next morning, because there was no way they could have been mailed to our house so fast. At least I know I got them something that they definitely wanted.

DMHO performed their way into the top three bands on The Next Great American Band on Fox. Their sound is a brassy big band one, only revitalized into much more hip style.

University of Maryland Logo I completed my University of Maryland application today! Two grad schools down, two more to go. I'm checking things off my to-do list like Santa Claus at Christmas time. Gee, I'm hoping I get in to these schools.


  1. haha...i'm glad you finally got them a present that is acceptable by society's standards...but wasn't the wynton tickets good?
    about getting into a and me both, jenn, you and me both. this was not my week. far from it.

  2. yeah they were. I guess this make two good years. I rock. heh