Friday, January 4, 2008

Blood Suckers

Red blood cells Key chains got me thinking of the free little key chain flashlight that I got for donating blood last month. The Red Cross sent me another postcard this week saying that if I donated now, I'd get a free long sleeve t-shirt. Darn, I let them take my blood for too cheap. I'd donate again if I didn't have to wait the required 8 weeks. I have bunches of crappy free stuff that they've given me for my blood, but now when it's something good I can't even go. Boooo.

blood donationsIs it sad that part of the reason I donate blood is to get the free stuff? I'm guessing other people are that way too, otherwise they wouldn't keep offering gadgets for blood. I wish they would stop sending quite so many solicitations for the red, but I guess I understand.

If you haven't given blood before, and you are healthy, you really should. It ain't so bad; and it might really save somebody's life.


  1. awww...come was a cool said you liked it. besides, you got to see me freak out.

  2. yeah. it was worth it. someone, not to mention names, takes forever for their blood to flow out. hmmm.