Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Treat

Before I drove back to Maryland today, my family picked up food from the Treat, aka iconic Shippensburg. This place has been there forever and draws a large crowd of individuals from just about every age group--middle school students to senior citizens.

I can't ever remember a time when the Treat wasn't there. It is probably the most successful ice cream shop and diner in town. They make mean Oreo flurries and hot fried ham hoagies. Today we had chicken dinners, but if you ever visit, I would recommend the ice cream. It's good.

Maybe not the best food ever, but The Treat is kitschy; and it is my hometown.


  1. Remember when we would go there before volleyball games. We would walk over there and get some food.

    My parents loved to go there after football games for their ice cream with my grandparents.

    Actually, the Treat used to be a drive up. The sitting area did not used to be there. People would pull their car up, order food and eat it in their car.

  2. oh, i didn't know that.

    Walking over there was a lot of fun before v-ball games!