Monday, September 1, 2008

Day of the Laborers

Happy Labor Day (which might be more accurately termed Laborless Day since most of us have off work)!

Don't forget that you can't wear white shoes anymore. Not to say I will obey that rule. I will probably end up donning white shoes around around Thursday of this week.

Who made up the arbitrary shoe-color rule anyway? No black after memorial day? No white after labor day? Foolishness I say. Does anyone even go by that antiquated fashion nonsense anymore?


  1. Well...I labored on that day so I appreciate the recognition. In fact I worked two jobs on Monday.

    I can honestly say that I know one person who follows those old traditions..and some other rare ones too. One of my grandmothers sisters still does the weirdest stuff...but it's all she knows. So I get a kick out of it. I don't see her too often anymore but when I do I ask her about other weird things like that and she'll go on for hours about how it was "back then"....great stuff.

  2. You deserve a special "Happy Labor Day" since you worked TWO jobs on Monday. So Happy Labor Day.

    Yes, the "back then" or "when I was your age" speech. They alway conjure up a few eye-rolls, but for the most part, stories are fun ways of looking at how the times have changed, and a unique opportunity to connect with someone from a completely different generation. I love it when older people want to share their experiences with me.

    ...but that still doesn't mean we ought to follow the shoe color rule...