Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Functioning Freezer

My roommate and I finally got a freezer that works! Yay. They hauled away the old fridge and brought in a new one. Finally. Ice. And TV dinners.

The first thing I ate from our new spanking new freezer was one of those little cups of "stick it in the freezer and wait 24 hours and out comes sorbet" things. It was so tasty. And cold.

I remembered the name: Del Monte Fruit Chillers. Freeze overnight & Eat. They cleanse the palette. I recommend the glacial mango. Although, after looking at their website I also want to sample the frosty peach, polar raspberry, and arctic strawberry. Ok, that's all the flavors--it looks like I might still be eating sorbet when it starts snowing outside. Brrrrr.

Which reminds me...I have big plans for making smoothies soon, before it gets too cold. I love frozen treats.

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