Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Improv Everywhere

This is interesting. Improv Everywhere.

They do the most random things in the most random paces with hundreds of random people. You gotta love it.

No Pants Day
Food Court Musical
Frozen Grand Central

My favorite is probably no pants day. Why doesn't DC attract these types of events? It's always NYC.


  1. you would participate in no pants day? would you actually want to see someone walking around with no pants?

  2. I would like to see it...depending on who was doing the walking....

  3. i think it'd be amazing. How often do you see people riding subways in their undies? Yeah. Almost never.

  4. like I said...depends on who is wearing them.....

  5. Yes, to some extent. But did you see the one old guy at the end of the video? He was pantless, and even this was awesome. Not his skinny old man legs per se, but rather the fact that he was NOT WEARING PANTS in public. hahhaaha.

    If it were one person, it'd be weird, when it's a massive group of people, the regular people on the train have to be thinking, "Am I the abnormal one here?" "Should I take my pants off?"

  6. hahaha...that is a question everyone should ponder...

    "should I take my pants off?"

  7. my question is... would you actually participate in the event? are you that comfortable with yourself to walk around in just your underwear in public?

  8. Well, if I got cute underwear for the event...

    And it's not like it's one person alone. There are hundreds of other people doing it too. If I could coerce one of my Emilys to do it with me, then certainly I would.

    Plus, how's it any different than wearing a swim suit?

  9. ha! I would do it! it would give me a good excuse to go to victoria's secret
    but it would have to be warm weather...no sense in torturing yourself in cold, chilly weather