Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The One

How did I completely miss John McCain's "The One" campaign ad fraught with Judeo-Christian religious allegories? I wanted to burst out laughing when I saw it. At first I thought it was produced by the Obama campaign, but something didn't seem right. It was over the top, too inflated, too laudatory.

Then, in the last few seconds, it all came together. It is making fun of Obama's religious following. It is so well done and poking fun at just the right spot that it becomes ridiculously funny. Obama as our saviour? As the deliverer to the Promised Land/Moses/Charlton Heston?

Here's the ad. You'll love it, no matter who you plan on voting for in November.

I feel like some young right wing conservative is sitting is his/her office chuckling about his/her cleverness for creating this concept. And he/she should be; because this is brilliance.


  1. Hey...it's Charlton Heston...the other name you have is a city in the South

  2. Ah hahahahahaha! I love it! I really like that part where the news reporter is asking him, "Do you ever have any doubts?" and the camera shows him replying, "never"...and then he gets a smile on his face.
    where did you first see this?

  3. whoops. I guess I have Blogger spell check to thank for that one. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. I'll go fix it now.

    I actually first saw it in my historical/critical methods class. We did a mini rhetorical crit of it. It supposedly came out at the same time as the Paris Hilton ad, and was overshadowed by the controversy of that one.