Saturday, May 24, 2008

Verb: to yardsale

I participated in the cultural phenomenon know as 'yard saling' this morning. While I have set out my own junk to make penny before, this was the first time I actually went to other people lawns to peruse their goods. It's unbelievable how many yard sales are in a small concentrated area on a Saturday morning!

I think the most interesting thing was looking through people used book collections. Why do people try to sell their Harlequin Romances? A. I wouldn't want the neighborhood to know I had 30 boxes of that slime. B. Nobody wants them!

Before going, I did my research. The Yard Sale Queen has everything you wanted to know about yard sales, including nightmare stories.

Today I made the weighty purchase of a $.10 roll of blue ribbon and a $.10 copy of the Poisonwood Bible. Less than a quarter for two things. Bah ha. If it weren't for all the junk that you have to sift through, I think could like this yard saling thing...

1 comment:

  1. Ok, not a verb...just like "I google" is not a complete sentence. You cannot say "I yard sale". Maybe "I yard sell"..but that doesn't have the same connotation because that means you sell your yard....ha.

    You're an English graduate?