Saturday, May 10, 2008

Finding the perfect dress

Look what I found this morning by my car! A dead bird. Gross. I feel so bad for it. It's little feet look so...dead. I must be having some kind of bird saga going on in my front yard. Everyday it's something.

Today I went to an English major gathering at the Black Horse. That was nice.

Then I went shopping to find a graduation dress to wear under my robe tomorrow since everything I own clashes with navy blue. I tried every dress on in Kohl's and did not like a one. They were all too patterned or burlap sack-like. Grrrrr. So, I went to Target in desperation, tried on every dress in the store, and loved almost all of them. Hello? I don't think I've ever bought clothes there before. Have I been missing out? I got a cute summer-y blue shift dress.

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  1. does hold some surprising...err..surprises in its stores. My sister buys shirts and stuff there..they even have bamboo socks...very soft. Stay away from their jeans. I had a pair where I was outside, bending over to pull some weeds and it ripped all the way down the butt....luckily, I was the only one home