Friday, May 2, 2008

Conservatives are more happy

Studies have proved that conservatives are almost consistently more happy than liberals.
Non-partisan survey data clearly show a large, persistent “happiness gap” favoring the political right.
Why is this? There are many conjectures. Arthur Brooks seems to think it corresponds with religion. People who are religious just tend to be happier and the religious right happens to make up a big chunk of the republican party. I guess I can see that, but I have my own theories.

I think it has a lot to do with policy. Leftists tend to think EVERYTHING is wrong and needs to changed which says a lot about trust in government and a prevailing fatalist world view, making happiness harder to achieve on even a smaller individual scale. Rightest on the other hand, are more likely to favor tradition with suggests happiness with the current state of affairs. Also, social responsibility starts at the individual instead of from the top down, so that makes happiness easier to attain when you are in control.

Myself personally, I think there a lot of problems in the world but I am confident that life is good, no matter what situation. Regardless of what is imposed upon you, life is what you make it friends. We determine our own levels of happiness.


  1. exactly...we are happier. happier=better. ergo, republicans=better.

  2. Actually I just read an article saying that republicans are happier because they are better at rationalizing social inequalities. Better?

  3. oh, ouch.

    But to be fair, some people do pointedly squander their wealth, talents, and opportunities knowing that somebody else will pick up their tab. Should people who are struggling to self-reliant themselves be responsible for these free-loaders too?? Republicans believe in social equality; we just want to encourage self-actualization so that government-aid is really for those who need it.

  4. I will agree that there are free-loaders, but I think that supporting a few free-loaders is a better option than ignoring those who really need help (which often happens). I think that Democrats are more inclined to believe that we all have a responsibility to one another and that those people who truly need assistance deserve it. I also think that for every free-loader, there is a republican more worried about his or her inheritance than social equity. Admittedly, there are democrats like this as well.