Sunday, May 11, 2008

Everyone's Got a Mom

Happy Mother's Day!

I am not very good at getting presents. -for holidays. -for birthdays. -for special stuff. I think it is two-thirds bad luck and one-third worrying too much. I decided to go safe for Mother's Day this year and make my mom's present. I made her a ceramic vase with pink glaze, her favorite color. And then I got some faux flowers and arranged them in the vase. At first I got some super-neon-pink flowers, but I realized that they look awful. I took them back to the store and traded them for some more subdued-peachy-pink flowers. They worked much better, and now I think my gift actually works. Hopefully Mom likes it!


  1. 1. Why did you get her fake flowers? Why didn't you fill the vase up with real flowers?

    2. I like the vase...except for the one side that looks like it's coming out to get you...or slice your arm off. But I really like the color! Good job!

  2. because fake is forever.

    it's just a bad pic. both sides are vicious. (one is hidden in the grass)

  3. haha... "fake is forever"...there is something just so wrong with that statement. I feel as though you watched the wrong kiddie shows as a child.